Maintenance Monday

Hello my darlings,

I know it’s Tuesday, and I know that there was nothing new added yesterday. But I’m ok with that, I consider yesterday to be productive none the less. It was Maintenance Monday! I was working on finishing up what I started. I worked on the blog a little and cleaned up some loose ends. I promised myself that I was going to try and post one new thing at least every other day. And so far, I’ve slacked on it. But I promise I have a good excuse for missing the weekend. It was my sisters birthday, that and the first of the month.

But why is the first of the month important? Why will I not be around on the first of every month? I’ll tell you why, because I’m shopping. Not for shoes or clothes or a darling new purse that I just have to have. Nope…I’m shopping for food. That’s right, I shop once a month for Mr. B and I, and boy does it take a few days. Then once I’m done I have to package it up so it can either be frozen or refrigerated. Although it is a little extra work at the beginning of every month, it has proven to save us money. The biggest saver is that I’m only shopping once a month. I take out the budgeted amount of money, so about $200. This includes a big bag of cat food and a box of litter every month as well. It saves me money because if I have to run to the store for one or two things I end up leaving with 10 items and it’s not normally the one or two things that I needed to begin with. It’s a dangerous cycle, especially when you have to live on a tight budget. But at least I recognized that the reason we weren’t staying on budget was because I over-spent on the side trips to the store. I learned that just because somethings on super sale and hey I have a coupon, doesn’t mean I need to buy it.

Well until next time,


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