Coming out of Hiding!

Hello my darlings,

All I can say is…I did it again, and I’m sorry. Well, sorta.

When I started, I knew that March, April and May were going to be super busy for me. But I thought “Hey, I got this”. Apparently, I did not “have this”.

So here is a quick update, then it’s back to work with planning out this weeks other posts.

First, I started working on a new project at work. What this means is that I am now a full timer. That’s right 40 hour weeks, plus 5 hours of driving every week. I’m also working on a side project as a consultant for an organization near where I live. So that’s another 10 hours a week. Mr. B takes up some of my time as well. So over all that’s about 60 hours a week that goes to work and other activities. So now I’m almost done with my consulting project, and I’m finding that I have a little more time on my hands now that school is over. That means I’m back, and hopefully to stay.

As I’m coming back, I’m also making a few changes. At the beginning of May I started Weight Watchers, because lets face it, I could stand to lose a LOT of weight. With this change, means that the recipes will be changing with it. They will have a Points Plus value with them. Because of this change, that means that myself and Mr. B have had to do a lot more of our own cooking, this will help me get back on track with this blog. I also have been excited about loosing weight for a while now and I was achieving a little weight loss, but I needed this program to really start melting those pounds off. Since Mr. B and I are on a tight budget because of the things we are trying to save for, a lot of my wardrobe isn’t going to change, which means I’ll be pulling out my sewing machine more often which will make me want to work on more of my craft stuff.

Until next time,



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