My Birthday Gift!

At the beginning of July is my birthday.

So Mr. B wanted to get me something that I’ve always wanted, just never had the nerve to buy. So he took me shopping to my favorite store!! That’s right, Bed, Bath, & Beyond! Mr. B took me to BB&B!!!

Now, I know birthday presents are suppose to be surprises, but Mr. B and I had been talking about buying one of these for a while. I’ve always wanted one, and the deal was that if we got it, then I had to use it at least once a week. And I was quick to agree. Standing in the store looking at the options. I was like a kid in a fricken candy store! I would of agreed to anything just to get it.

So we bought it.

I am now the proud new owner of a Kitchen Aid stand mixer. It’s shiny and black and beautiful on my counter in the kitchen.

So now I have to use it every week. This is going to get interesting.

Until next time,

Working Girl


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