Weight vs. Inches

As you all know I’ve been working my way through weigh watchers. One of the big tips that they give you is to not just weigh yourself every week, but to also measure.

They say that sometimes you don’t lose any weight, but instead you lose inches. It’s basically the whole idea that 5 lbs of fat takes up more space than 5 lbs of muscle.

Well a few weeks ago I had an awesome week. I lost several pounds, but noticed that my measurements didn’t change to much.

The weeks that followed found me with a few extra pounds (did I mention that it happened to be both mine and Mr. B’s birthday week the week after my great lost?) I know why it happened, and it just means that I need to ramp up a nice new workout, and get back on track. Three day’s in a row of not sticking to the plan has a way of derailing a girl sometimes. But I noticed on Wednesday (my weigh in day) that this week I lost about 2 lbs which is an average week. But then I noticed that between the week of my AWESOME lose, and this week of my average lose, I lost several inches in a few key areas. So although I was saddened last week about my gain, I should of noticed the difference in measurements. So really, it was a good week, and this week was even better.

So now I’m faced with a question…should I set a goal for measurements as well? That way I have both weight and measurements to aim for? Or is that to much goal setting and I should just focus on getting healthy?

I will say this, right now, I’m about 3 lbs from my 10% weight loss goal and I couldn’t be happier.

Just need to stay on track. Let’s see how bad this weekend is. Although Mr. B and I are planning on going to the Zoo on Saturday, Sunday we are going to take my dad out for his birthday dinner. I wonder if it will at least average out.

Until next time,



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