Impromptu Taco Party, and an interesting lesson

Happy Labor Day (one day late!!)

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I know that I did. I spent most of it with Mr. B. Although Sunday I let him stay home because the night before we bought him a new game that he wanted to play. So instead my sister and I went to see my dad. We went shopping, and had lunch and overall had a fun day. My sister and I were having a fun time and being extremely goofy with each other. Then after all the fun that day we went over to my dad’s garden.

My dad grows a garden every year, and during the times where it is producing, my fridge is never bear. So we went to his garden and he handed me some peppers. Started with the standard bell peppers (I love to snack on these), then he handed me some banana peppers. I instantly had ideas of fresh salsa!! I figured, I haven’t used the Ninja in a few months, so why not get some tomatoes and make salsa. So I mentioned it to my dad. Then he handed me a few jalapeno peppers. So I took them.

The impromptu taco party wasn’t super impromptu. I had the idea to do it this Friday, but instead as I was leaving my dad’s with a bunch of fresh peppers and tomatoes I decided to do it the next day. So Monday would be our Taco party. So I called Mr. B and told him the good news! He was excited, but no where near the level I was. Looking back now, I think it was because he was home and he could see the level of cleaning that would be needed to have this type of party. I told my sister and I called a friend of mine and everyone was free. That meant 6 lovely people (counting Mr. B and I) would be at our apartment at 5 pm the next night. Well the only problem was that it was about 9 pm and I still had a 2 hour drive home. By the time I got home, I was exhausted!

The next day involved a little bit of cleaning, and a lot of cooking! And here is where the lesson comes! I was making my salsa. I made a mild and a medium. But I noticed that as they sat they were gaining a little heat. So to Google I went! Turns out, the longer it sits, the more heat it gains. That most salsa’s don’t peak for a few days!!! My mild became medium and my medium became hot. Really hot! So I learned my lesson. Next time, make it less hot then where you want it to be, then go from there! I’ll have to post the salsa recipe’s once I’ve perfected them a little. I didn’t really measure anything out yesterday. I just added and added and went from there.

The party was fun, and Mr. B and I enjoyed ourselves and we have leftovers for dinner the next day, which we are both very much okay with.

Until next time,


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