It’s a continuous battle…

Hello my darlings,

When I first started this blog I felt like I needed to keep my issues with God out of it. No one needed to know if I walked in the light of God or not, and no one would really care.

But then I realized something, I cared. If I cared, then why shouldn’t I post something about it. I mean after all it is my blog. I write more for me then I do anyone else. So that’s when I decided that since I’ve always gotten through things by writing about it, then maybe I should start writing about my relationship (or even lack there of) with God.

So this is the start of something new. I’m going to be open and honest about my developing relationship with God.

I’ll admit, I don’t go to church every Sunday, and I don’t pick up the bible nearly enough times. But I do try to live in His light. It’s just a matter of making those small changes and doing what He sent me to do.

I guess I just need to get over my issues of feeling abandoned all those years ago. The truth is He never abandoned me, it was me who abandoned Him. I finally saw my mistake about a year ago, and I’ve slowly been working on rebuilding our relationship. He has been there to show me numerous things, and I take comfort in knowing that He will always be there when I need him.

This is my confession for today.

Until next time,


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