Weekly (we’ll see) confession

Hello my darlings,

A few months ago (before I “closed this kitchen”) I openly admitted that my relationship with God wasn’t what I wanted it to be, and that I wasn’t going to allow myself to continue to not talk about God. The reasoning behind this is because I felt that the lack of relationship with God could be because of  my unwillingness to even talk about Him as well as His glory.

I don’t know where I really want to start, and this really is a huge step for me. Like I’ve said before, for a long time I felt like He had abandoned me. It wasn’t until about 2 years ago that I figured out it was really me who choose to walk away from Him instead of the other way around. He was always there, I just didn’t pay attention to what He was trying to show me. I think a huge part of this is Mr. B’s faith. With Mr.B’s help, I slowly became more involved with church, and reaching out and helping others. I’ve found that I’ve always had the “christian spirit”, I just never recognized it as such and I never really had an outlet that allowed me to reach those that were in need. Now I know that God will give me the tools I need to help His children that are around me. I just need to remember that He will provide when it is needed. So my confession is this: I don’t always help because I have a fear of over stretching myself and my resources and I feel like I have to remember that Mr. B and I still need a roof over our heads and food in our bellies as well.

Do you struggle with the same problem? How do you handle it? Have you ever over extended yourself and not have enough resources (time, money, etc.) to do other things that you needed?

Until next time,

Working Girl

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