Do you Meal Plan?

Hello my sweets!!

Today’s topic: Meal Plans!

So the question is: Do you Meal Plan? I don’t mean you decide on something on your way home from work that night, I mean really meal plan. Write out a meal plan to help plan shopping trips? Or do you just buy a few staple items and make similar things week after week?

I meal plan and I have been for about a year now, and I’ve decided that it wouldn’t hurt to share my meal plans. So before I share my meal plan (that I’m still kind of working on), I wanted to share with you why I meal plan. But first let me tell you a little bit about how I meal plan (please note that everyone is different, not every system is going to work for people). The only breakfast that I plan for are the weekends, during the week we either have cereal or maybe some leftovers from dinner. Lunches during the week are some sort of sandwiches. I buy about a pound of lunch meat for each week and throw one in the freezer until the following week. The rule is that one pound is for the week, we can’t get into the other pound of meat until the next week. Since Fridays are our pizza night (normally homemade pizza, don’t worry I’ll post the recipe here soon), we sometimes like to have a little ham on our pizza’s. What this means is that sometimes for lunch we’ll have a pb&j sandwich or even tuna fish and crackers. Lunches on the weekend are normally not planned as Mr. B likes to sleep in so we aren’t eating breakfast until early afternoon. Another thing you need to know is that I order my produce every other week. I pull the money out of my bi-weekly budget as well as an extra little bit to put aside to help cover the cost of our cat’s food and litter that we have to buy once a month. So basically what’s $200 in my budget only gives me about $135 every two weeks.  Another thing you should know about meal plans is that you have to be flexible!! Sometimes things come up and that day’s meal isn’t going to be made, just pick something else off the list and switch them around.

Here it goes, my reason’s to meal plan:

  1. It helps me save money: Living on a pretty tight budget can be a little hard, so when it comes to food I have a very small budget. By planning out what I am going to make, right down to sides (not veggies), it allows me the ability to first see what I have in my cupboards. If I don’t have it then I write down what I need on my shopping list. It also forces me to go through my cupboards at least twice a month (number of times I go shopping). This ensures that things are getting used up.
  2. It helps keep Mr. B and myself healthier: By creating a meal plan, it helps eliminate the stress of having to come home and decide whats for dinner. Before I planned out our meals we were going out for quick “cheap” dinners. This didn’t help us feel any better. We found, just like a lot of people, that the more take-out we had, the worst we felt. We didn’t want to get up and do anything. So now I know exactly what I’m making that night when I get up, so I can pull out whatever needs to be pulled out from the freezer and go.
  3. It saves my sanity: No more worrying about what am I going to make for dinner? Plus with having the meals planned out, it gives me the weekend before to make sure that whatever extra’s I want to make can be made. This is basically for pasta dishes and anything else that might need to be made (like hamburger buns).
  4. No more “fights” of what do you want for dinner tonight!: That’s mine and Mr. B’s biggest disagreement. What do you want for dinner. By talking about the meal plan before I go shopping, it’s really easy for us to follow it, no arguments!

So, do you meal plan?

Until next time,



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