Valentine’s Weekend

Hello my sweets!

First let me wish you all a Happy belated Valentine’s day! I hope everyone got the chance to spend sometime this weekend with loved ones!

Mr. B and I had a very lazy Friday night. He made me a beautiful dinner of steak, baked potato and mac n cheese. The night ended with me going to bed early after the long week that I had last week. Plus I knew about the long day that was coming up. Overall it was the perfect start to our weekend full of spending time with loved ones.

Saturday Mr. B and I went with my family (mom, sister, mom’s friend, sister’s fiance) snow tubing. Now, if you’ve never been, then I suggest going! It was a lot of fun. Mr. B and I went down together most of the time, we even went down once or twice with my sister and her fiance. The only downside was that it was a 2.5 hour drive from our home to the place we went Snow Tubing. But afterwards we went and saw my Grandpa and we all went out to dinner (minus my sister and her man). Overall Saturday was the perfect middle to our family filled weekend.

Sunday Mr. B and I braved the snow storm and drove the roughly 45-ish minute drive to our church. The sermon was different then what we are use to, and the new interim Pastor is doing her best to fill in. After service Mr. B went out to shovel the sidewalks around the building so that those leaving would be less likely to fall. During this time I visited with many people who Mr. B and I haven’t seen because of our extended absence from church. It was great getting to catch up with those we haven’t seen since before Christmas. The plan was to go to church then go home and get everything ready to go shopping (basically finish the shopping list based off of the Meal Plan). But instead we ran into Mr. B’s mom. She told us that Dad was working on hanging some drywall and Mr. B said he’d like to go help. So well Mr. B and his dad and one of his brothers hung drywall. Mr. B’s Mom and I went out shopping. Overall it was a great afternoon. Then we came back and grabbed the boys and we all went out for a great family dinner. Perfect end to a weekend of spending time with the people you love.


Until next time,



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