Awesome Weekend and Monday’s Suck!

First: Monday’s Suck!!!

Ok, so not ALL Mondays suck, and even more aren’t SUPER bad. But for some reason today just didn’t start right. I hope this isn’t a start to a bad week. I have a few things planned that I want to actually do and enjoy (like a possible trip to the Zoo).

So this weekend was pretty good. Minus a few small things here and there. I did have a funeral to go to, but wasn’t able to stay very long as I had plans to go see my Aunt and Uncle with my sister. Sad note: that was death number 7 for mine and Mr. B’s families and friends this month alone. I’ll be happy when tomorrow get here’s. Hopefully April will be better.

Anyways, this weekend: I got to enjoy the warm(er) weather on Sunday with some shopping, a small amount of cleaning and an awesome dinner that I call Chicken and Rice that is really simple (I’ll post a recipe soon). I also made some yummy Chocolate, Peanut Butter chip Banana muffins that are actually really good.

Now onto today: So I woke up like normal and started with my normal routine. I hopped in the shower and Mr. B is suppose to get up and start the lunch making process then I make breakfast. Instead, Mr. B was still in bed when I got out of the shower. No big deal. I did my hair and got dressed he started lunch. Then he pulled out the lunch meat that we were going to have for lunch this week (that I put in the fridge to defrost on Saturday night) and it was RANCID!!! I mean, it made Mr. B sick to his stomach just by the smell alone!!!! It makes no sense. We bought it about 2 weeks ago from the store and as soon as we got it home it went STRAIGHT to the freezer where it stayed until I pulled it out on Saturday and even then it went STRAIGHT to the fridge. I’m so upset about this!!

Luckily we had a few veggie burgers in the freezer that we were able to cook real quick for lunches, but still!!! I mean I could understand if I had left it in the fridge for 2 weeks, or even if it was like Thursday and it had been in the fridge since Monday. So I have no idea what to do about this.

Anyone else have something like this happen to them? We’ve frozen lunch meat before. That’s how I get away with shopping twice a month instead of every week.

Oh well, at least today is Opening Day! Just means I have to drive past the stadium on my way home from work today, Oh Joy!!!

Until next time,



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