A call to Faith

Hello my darlings,

I’ve had something on my mind for a little while now, and I wasn’t sure how to express myself in a way that would truly be understood.

All I knew was that I needed to express it. So after mulling it over for a few weeks, and really praying about it. I’ve decided to just write it out for all to see.

It is upsetting to see how Sunday as turned into another day to just get ahead. How many people choose to catch up on sleep, or even other things instead of taking the time to thank God for His many gifts that He has given us.

It seems that as the weather starts to warm up, more people would rather not be at church on Sunday mornings.

As a Sunday School Teacher at my church, I watch as the number of children that attend raise and fall. Then on Family Sunday (the first of every month), when there is no Sunday School, I go to the sanctuary in hopes to see the smiling faces that I normally have in class greet me at the door, to see maybe one or two that are there.

As adults, shouldn’t we be making the effort to introduce our children to God? Isn’t it our responsibility to care for our children’s mind, body and soul? Then why aren’t we, why do we let extra-curricular activities (ex. sports, school functions, etc.) dictate whether or not ourselves as well as our children can attend church on any given weekend?

I understand that people take breaks, or even go on vacation and that things come up. I’ve missed a few Sunday’s here and there for many reasons, and I’ll continue to miss them here and there as well.

I guess what I’m trying to get at is that it bugs me to see so many churches that are starting to fail because of lack of membership. The only reason there is a lack of membership is because in today’s society it’s okay to not go belong to a church.

My wish for the world is to find it’s faith again.

Until next time,


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