Faithful Friday

Hello my darlings,

Happy Friday!

As you’ve seen throughout the week I’ve started to dedicate certain day’s of the week to certain areas of this Home.

Today is no different, today is the start of Faithful Friday. I’ve decided that to me Faithful Friday will be a day of rebuilding Faith in God.

So on Faithful Friday, you could see anything that has to do with having faith in God. These could be stories, bible passages, or even just general ideas.

So let’s get started:

My darlings, you’ll never hear me say that I’m the perfect example of a Christian, because I know I’m not. For the most part I really wrestle with having faith in God. When something happens, and I know that the first thing I should do is pray, and believe that God will help, I don’t. Instead I start to panic and go through how the situation can just get worst then what it already is. I have this feeling that I need to know what’s going on, I have to be prepared. It’s a sense of urgency. If something happens and I don’t know the outcome already, I start to feel as if something bad, and I mean REALLY bad, is going to happen.

Instead I need to learn to take a deep breath, say a quick prayer and trust that God’s got this.

Until next time,



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