It’s an Anniversary kind of Day

Hello my darlings,

Although my life keeps getting turned upside down and things keep changing for me, the one constant that I’ve had as always been my writing.

Well I can say that today my darlings marks a special day for me. It’s been three years since I sat down and actually took the first steps with creating this beautiful blog. Although things keep changing and I’ve had to step away a few times, I’m glad I didn’t just quit.

I’m in love with the sound my keyboard makes every time I type up a post. I can’t get enough of the sight of the words flying across the screen as I pour out everything I could possibly want to say. This wonderful blog has become a sort of home for me. A place where I am among friends, where I am safe.

I believe that there is a reason that we make the choices that we do, and although I’m still trying to fully figure it out, I believe that part of it is because of the satisfaction I receive by simply being able to write out my thoughts and feelings. I believe that people come into our lives for a reason, and all of you darlings are a wonderful part of my life. For that I want to say Thank You my sweets!

Here’s to many more years of writing and growing.

Until next time,



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