Happy New Years!

Hello my Darlings!

I know I’m a little late, but I still wanted to wish you all a Happy New Years! I hope your year has started off on a good note.

So far this year I haven’t done very much. I’ve been organizing the apartment, my finances, and pretty much my life. I’ve decided that 2017 is going to be my year! Why you might ask, well simply put 7 is the number I most identify with. It’s my birthday (7/7), I graduated in 07 (that’s right, I have a reunion this year), I’m on my 7th month of my new job which I absolutely love. All signs point to this being a good year.

I have some amazing goals for this year. The biggest two are weight loss and getting my finances in order. But it’s more than just that. The weight loss is also so that I can be healthy. The finances are because I want to do a couple of things. One of which is finally by my own place. That’s right, I’m looking at finally buying my first home. I’ve always rented, so home ownership will be an interesting change of pace for me. But I have faith that I’ll be just fine.

Another goal of mine is to write more. I feel more at easy when I can just sit down and write. I proved this to myself the other night. I had just laid down to go to bed and suddenly I had this urge to just write. So I did. What I ended up with was about 2.5 pages of a potential book. Once I have a better idea of what it is, I’ll share it with you my darlings.

With the goal of writing more, means that I may want to restructure this blog a bit. Still not sure, but I know I want to clean it up and organize it a little better.

So what sort of goals have you set for 2017? Have you been able to keep them so far?

Until next time,



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