So what happens when you Trust In the Plan?

Hello my darlings,

The last time I wrote about faith I was going through a very rough time. Between my partner of 6 years leaving , losing my job, trying to move and overall just everything not working out in my favor, I was a mess. But I told you all I needed to do was trust in the plan, and darlings I did. So what happened?

Well here’s what happens when you trust in the plan. Once the fear of falling has subsided, you start to realize that everything is going to be OK. You start to realize you aren’t alone. You have friends and family and God. They all love you and they all want to see you pull through.

You start to get the motivation to get your life back on track. You pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep moving. You find a new job, a better job. That’s right, I lost my job. But in losing my job I had three other jobs. It’s that third job that I’m in now where I finally feel like I’ve got it figured out. This is where I want to be, this is what I want to do. I’ve found my career. As a 20-something, I’ve never said that I was in a career. It was just a job, something that kept me busy during the day and paid the bills. I would always find myself looking for a different job in hopes of finding that career. I even went back to school to get a different degree in hopes that I would find my career. Instead, it found me when I needed it most. Now, I’m working my butt off doing something I enjoy. Instead of watching the clock and waiting for time to hurry by so I can go home, now I’m setting reminders so that I actually go home at a reasonable time. I am picking up new skills as well as fine tuning ones I already had.

When you trust in the plan, you find a new partner, a better partner. One that actually worries about making you happy. One that is there 100% and would never dream of lying to you. One that can find the things that are stressing you out and works to try and find ways to make them less stressful. When you realize that you aren’t going to crash into the ground below, you find the person who really is your other half. Who knows how to push all of your buttons, but at the same time can make you laugh so hard your sides hurt and tears run down your face.

When you realize that He never left your side and instead of freefalling alone, He was there to act as a parachute and you land not with a bang but instead a soft thud. Sometimes you need the heart wrenching thrill of falling to put everything into prospective. We just need to remember that He is there, He will protect us. We might hit a couple rough spots, and it might feel like it’s never going to end. But it does, it gets better and we learn how to pick ourselves up and shake off the dust. We are His children, and with His love and protection we will survive.

Until next time,



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