Weekly Wednesday Weigh-in

Hello my darlings,

I hope all is well on this gloomy day and that you are enjoying better weather than I. 

This last week I’ve been focusing on making this a lifestyle change. I’ve gotten in the habit of eating breakfast every morning and I’m still working on making my lunch every day. 

I haven’t notice much difference in anything really. I’m still very tired, but that could be from the amount of hours I’m working this week. And I haven’t lost any weight. But week 1 is now in the books. 

This coming week I am going to focus on drinking more water and less juice and pop. I even got a new gadget to helping with that so we’ll see if it works. 

This week I’m also focusing on getting more active. My daily routine has become go to work, come home and sit on the couch. With this beautiful weather and spring finally looking like it’s going to stick around, I find myself wanting to be outside more. This should help me be more active. I love being outside, and the mister and I love to disc golf and play basketball. With it staying light out longer, we find ourselves wanting to stay out later. 

Until next time,



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